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Staff, Session and Deacons

Pastor: Andy Scott

  Serving since 2004, Andy Scott is a native of Washington County and a graduate of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.  He lives in Ellsworth with his wife, Sarah, and three children.
  The pastor can be reached at the church office (724-239-2949), by email ( or in emergencies (724-747-5540).



Church Secretary ~ Anita Campbell

Clerk of Session ~ Curt Sprowls

Nursery Caregiver ~ Hallie Biwer

Financial Secretary ~ Kim Neff

Treasurer ~ Susan Biwer

Choir Director ~ Nancy Lonich

Organist ~ Curt Sprowls

Sexton ~ Lorraine Shrader

Christian Education

First Sunday at 9:00AM

Bud Allen ~ Elder 

Elaine Amos

Bethany Burney ~ Elder

Sarah Scott 

Jim Shrader ~ Elder 

Curt Sprowls ~ Elder Chairperson

Elizabeth Sprowls

Linda Sprowls 

Fourth Sunday of each month at 12:15PM
Lisa Vipperman
Elaine Amos
Samantha Douglas
Matthew Kubitza
Marsha Baker
Dawne Liggitt

Evangelism & Worship

Second Sunday at 12:15PM

Misty Kevech ~ Elder Chairperson

Jim Shrader ~ Elder 

Eric Dreyer ~ Elder

Michelle Douglas

Jodi Gatts

Kim Neff


Third Sunday at 9:30AM

Bud Allen ~ Elder 

Dan Biwer ~ Elder Chairperson

Susan Biwer

Eric Dreyer ~ Elder 

Kim Neff

Lisa Vipperman

Second Tuesday at 6:30PM

Dan Biwer ~ Elder

Susan Biwer 

Curt Sprowls ~ Elder

Jason Vipperman


Curt Sprowls          724-579-2716

Eric Dreyer             724-249-7675

Jim Sharder           724-809-5008

Joyce Myers          724-263-2400

Loni King               724-986-1081

Misty Kevech         724-322-5494

Dan Biwer              724-263-5613

Bud Allen               724-239-5261

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